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Ricky Gervais Has a Word With HBO

Ricky Gervais

Now this is how you deal with a kerfuffle. Apparently the Reader’s Digest version is this: HBO had planned to release the finale of Extras exclusively on the complete series Region 1 box set. This pissed off a lot of US viewers because they had already purchased both seasons and they were looking at having to buy them again just to get the finale.

In a vid from his website, Ricky Gervais not only silenced the brouhaha by stating that the finale will be made available separately (since he went and spoke to HBO, he states), but also pointed out the reasoning behind some changes between the UK and US versions of the finale.

He then went further and endeared himself to HBO Home Video forever by saying rather than buying anything now, “…hold out even longer and buy the English version where we’ll be putting on loads of extras and things – but that won’t be available for ages.” Meaning the Region 2 BBC Home Video release and not the aforementioned Region 1 HBO Home Video release. Nice. The full video is below.

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Found via Chortle.

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