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Neko City: Hell of a Way to Create a Handbag

Neko City mashup handbag

So originally I scoffed at the idea that Sanrio is targeting their Hello Kitty products to young men now. And not to sound like a sexist bastard, but come on, Hello Kitty is quite possibly the most girly-girl thing in the world. Even young boys who make no differentiation between Barbies and G.I. Joes (not dolls, but action figures…right) would fork the sign of the evil eye if you placed a Hello Kitty doll in front of them. Hello Kitty is so freaking pink that even Mary Kay herself would rise from the grave to say, “You really need to tone that down a bit.”

Our own Rox of Spazhouse polled her young male relatives about Hello Kitty for boys and found the answer to be not just no, but “Hell no and BTW what were you thinking?”

That being said, although I would never walk around with this as either a handbag or a manbag (or whatever you want to call it–although the “manbag” has always sounded too much like a piece of the male anatomy for me to take it seriously as a term), the creators of this bootleg gear get points for mashing up Hello Kitty with Sin City. They came damn close to getting my interest, but sorry, still no cigar.

Guys, help me out here: have you been dying for official Hello Kitty gear that’s designed with you in mind?

Found via Gridskipper.

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  • Lo primero.. aprende a escribir, no se te entiende, y lo segundo… antes de criticar informate, es tan sencillo como mirar la etiqueta de ese bolso (que lo he visto en directo) y ver que NO es Hello Kitty, es otra Kitty Koreana.


  • Romanticida: Oh sure, that’s not Hello Kitty, that’s “Korean Kitty” if I’m reading you correctly. And if I created a cartoon black and white mouse who wore red shorts and yellow shoes and had big ears and called it Mister Mouse on the product label, I’m sure everybody would believe me when I said “Mickey? Who’s Mickey?”. I believe you’re telling me I need to learn to write and I’m telling you you need to learn to be a *trifle* less dense.