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Zombies Are People Too!

Send More Cops from Return of the Living Dead

The Zombie Anti-Defamation League website strives to educate “vitalists” who think of zombies only as mindless eating machines. The site has topics such as Practical Zombriety (with a link to the helpful (site dead) to help those suffering from a deathstyle crisis to get the sustenance they need in a non-violent way) and a bit of information about Zombie Jesus (he did rise from the dead, remember?) and the Zombie Mission whose task it is to help those newly dead find their path of Zombie Spirituality to avoid falling into the propagandist trap of the “Vitalist Hate Machine.”

You know, just so we present both sides of the issue.

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  • I know it’s been a long time since this was posted, but the Zombie Anti Defamation League is back from hiatus – please visit and expect frequent updates to the site. Cheers!