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Review: Bally Blast Drinks & Mints

Bally Blast Drink

Well, anytime somebody releases an energy whatever-or-something, we want to be there. Or at least nearby. Or, you know, find out about it eventually. So when, as part of Bally’s expanding advertising for their Blast line of products, we heard about this stuff, we knew we had to try it for ourselves. All for the benefit of our readers, of course. We’re selfless.

Stop laughing, you bastards.

Anyway, it’s kinda hard to impress with energy drinks these days. I mean, everybody and his brother Bob have energy drinks. Hell, the convenience store nearby has them on tap. But I can report that Bally Blast has a nice sweet taste to it. It doesn’t taste like every other energy drink out there, and is actually something you could drink when you weren’t desperate for energy, unlike most times when you’re desperate you’d suck down anything. It comes with taurine, ginseng, gingko, green tea and guarana. And actually packs enough punch to register on my impaired-by-caffeine-tolerance radar. So you know for normal people it’ll probably do the trick. Would I drink it again? Gladly.

Now, to their mints. I was impressed by both the cinnamon and the peppermint, even though I’m not a big fan of mint. First up, they’re intense. Flavor is strong. The peppermint is really surprisingly minty and the cinnamon is nice and hottish. Bally has opted for taste over energy, which is a perfectly respectable decision, especially since most people go to mints to fix their breath, and we’re all for that. Basically you’re looking at 15mg of caffeine for every serving of mints, but a serving of mints equals six mints. Bear in mind, however, that these are teeny mints, about half the size of your normal earphone. So you can’t pack a lot into something that size without it tasting like arse. So for taste, the mints rock.

Here’s the most surprising thing: they have aspartame. I say this because normally I can instantly taste aspartame, and hate the fake plastic taste that stuff gives. But here, I didn’t realize it was an ingredient until I checked the caffeine content on the back of the tin. So that’s a tasty mint folks. Aspartame’s been out for how long? This is the first product I can consume that has it. I was truly impressed.

Now where can you snag this stuff? In addition to the obvious–Bally Fitness Centers, natch–check your Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, Albertsons and others. Or there’s Amazon–see below. For a full list, and for more info on the product line, check out the Bally Blast site here.

Bally Blast Energy Mints


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