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DragonCon 2005 Prize Frenzy: Fenickx

We’ve mentioned Fenickx and their new book, Archaic, before. It’s crazy, whacked out fantasy of the highest order. And the folks at Fenickx, being the cool froods that they are, sent over some copies of their first few issues to delight folks at the Film Festival. Yes, that’s just a few delighted folks sitting right there. What’s really sweet, though, is that they even sent a signed set. Gotta love that.

What else you’ve got to love is that Fenickx is going to be distributed by Diamond, starting in January. They even got a Diamond staff pick out of the deal. So whether you buy your comics online or hit your local comic emporium, remember to add Archaic pull list. Can’t wait to see where these stories lead.

For more info on the series, along with samples and whatnot, check out the official website here.