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This Just In: Wallace & Gromit Plush Dolls from McFarlane

Gromit in Boots plush doll Hutch the Rabbit plush doll
Philip the Dog plush doll Were-Rabbit plush doll

Everyone likes Wallace and Gromit. If you don’t, get the hell off our site. Aardman rocks the house, and their first Wallace and Gromit feature film is no exception. For those who want a little bit more of the characters, McFarlane Toys has blitzed you with a bunch of different types of products. We’ll get to all of them in due course, but for right now check out these bean bag plush dolls.

In the collection there’s… Gromit in boots and a ball cap, Hutch the rabbit, Philip the dog, and the Were-Rabbit him/itself. Although they’re all shown standing, Hutch and Gromit are better off sitting, while the Were-Rabbit and Philip are just fine on their own.

They’re cute and they’re nice and soft, so what else is there to say? Little kids will enjoy them and collectors and fans of Aardman will want them as well. So remember that, because they’re the right size for stocking stuffers. Nudge nudge.

Update: The dimensions of each are as follows, per Lynn’s comment:

Gromit in Boots: 7″ tall, 3.5″ at his widest point. The regular Gromit plush, which we were not sent for review, would be around the same size, I assume.

Hutch: 8″ tall, also 3.5″ at his widest point.

Philip: 5″ tall, 4″ wide, 5″ deep.

Were-Rabbit: 7.5″ tall, 5″ wide, 5″ deep.

Lynn, you are correct that they’re not big, but they’re not touted as being big. Seems kind of silly for a reviewer to complain about a bean bag doll that’s the size the specs on their website claim they are. If you want a big Gromit plush, like a good-sized teddy bear, there’s apparently some out there since I’ve seen them on eBay. Sounds like the reviewer wanted the bigger ones sent to him or her and didn’t get them. Or something.

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  • I’ve been itching to order them, but Amazon only gave the box dimensions…and one of the reviews complained about how tiny they were.

    I wish some physical store was carrying them…