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Odds and Ends for 12-17-2005

It’s the weekend again, isn’t it? Man, that’s depressing.

This toothpick holder is the perfect Xmas gift when you want to “send a message.” Probably not a message of world peace and love, but a message of heh-heh-heh sadism. But we’re cool with that. Found via Boing Boing.

We have learned a valuable lesson from Borat. The best way to get a crapload of publicity is to use comedy to cause an international incident.

[ad#longpost]We don’t have a problem with corporate coffee shops. Because we have no comprehension of anything but the word “coffee” in that previous sentence. But for those of you who are particular about where you buy your fix from, check out Delocator, which will help you find a non-corporate coffee place anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Found via Gridskipper.

Meanwhile, Vegas is proving nightly that you can never have enough Cirque. Found via Gridskipper.

And lastly, Junk Food Blog has been doing nothing all week, it seems, but finding wheelbarrows full of new energy-centric products that make us want to start sending off e-mails to folks in charge. Behold: the margarita-flavored energy drink, the I Want to Be Different Just Like Everyone Else energy drink, the energy drink now with 100% more bling, the I Can’t Think of Anything Clever to Say About This One energy drink, the hybrid coffee/energy drink monstrosity, and the energy soda water. Yes, I said “soda water.”

Lest we forget, there’s the caffeinated candy bar, mints by Bawls, and the powder that turns turns anything into an energy drink.