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Bloggies? Fly, Monkeys, Fly!

In the ultimate act of tilting at windmills, I call upon our Needcoffee Army of cultural ninjas to descend upon the the 2006 Bloggies and nominate In fact, tell 99 of your closest friends to do the same.

The categories for which we would have a chance in hell of even showing up are: Best Tagline, Best Entertainment, Best Group Weblog, and Best Kept Secret. Our tagline, of course, is up there in the upper right of the content: “The Internet equivalent of a triple espresso with whipped cream.” Although if you are really feeling frisky and want to put us down for Best American Weblog and Weblog of the Year, go for it.

We thank you in advance for any ballot you can spare, humble caffeinated bastards that we are.