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The Lashes Contest

Hola. Yes, another contest. Oh, quit your bitching.

This time around your buddies at Filter want you to know that The Lashes are pleased to have their new album, Get It, coming out February 7th 21st. So pleased they want you to win a signed copy of the album…and a Sony PSP. I think you know what you must do.


  • The Lashes? Seriously? The only thing this band is known for in Seattle is how unbelieveably obnoxious the lead singer is. They do not deserve any space on this blog nor do they deserve their hipster belts.

  • Sarah: Good God, assuming that you’re reporting something accurate, if we decided that only unobnoxious people deserved coverage on pop culture websites, who exactly would be left to talk about? I mean…think about what you’re saying for a minute.