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Pygmy Elephant LoJack Saves a Life

Hurray! Mostly-Hairless Monkey (MHM) technology has aided an injured Borneo Pygmy Elephant. The elephant in question, one of five elephants collared since June 2005, was located in Bukit Permata, Lower Kinabatangan and had been shot on his right foreleg. One of the reasons local conservation groups have collared elephants in the area is to find a permanent solution to the human-elephant conflicts that plague the region. It seems that elephant habitat is divided between several fragmented patches, seperated by rivers and other natural barriers, causing them to either attempt to swim dangerous waterways, or cross plantations (willfully ignoring, one presumes, the Private Property postings)–where they are promptly shot for reasons unknown to rational Man.

Thanks to the WWF Newsroom for more information about the region, the situation, and the successful healing process.

Please note the image in question is not the Pachyderm Locator System (PLS), but instead is used in physics. Taken from here.