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13 Days of Xmas 2008 – Day 1: Muppets

Muppets: Santa Animal

That’s right, we’re back. Just like we had to do another round of 32 Days of Halloween, it’s time for the 2008 Edition of 13 Days of Xmas. Just like last year, 13 Days of random holiday bits that we find lying about and decide to put to work. And all of it designed to end on Christmas Day, so that it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Like some of your relatives.

Since last year at this time we were checking out some Muppet fun–and everything goes better with classic Muppets–here’s a couple of bits to kick us off. First, Kermit and Grover decide to get to the bottom of how Santa Claus makes it down the chimney–but talking to a bunch of subject matter experts.

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And, of course, a priceless moment from 1987’s Muppet Family Christmas:

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