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Happy Boost – Drink Review

Happy Boost

Happy Boost is a drink that promises support of “Healthy Moods, Energy + Libido.” Which makes it an energy drink of sorts, which puts it squarely in our jurisdiction. This even though it actually has no caffeine in it, so no real stimulants except for goji, which is what the company terms as a “Superfruit.” Since they’re relying on it to be the Boost in this particular drink, it better be.

The taste is not bad–it’s got pear, pomegranate, cherry, cranberry and prickly pear juices in addition to the goji, plus green tea as well. I can taste a bit of the cherry and pomegranate–and I’m assuming the strange (but not unpleasant) taste is the goji, since there’s supposed to be 24,000mg of the stuff in here. It is, after all, 98% juice.

As nice a taste as it is, though, does it actually deliver on its promise of supporting the big three up top? Eh. Not really. I received not even the ghost of a blip on my scope–and since we’re not dealing with caffeine it’s not really a tolerance issue. At the end of the bottle I was just as fatigued as when I started it–and even waiting a while to see if anything “kicked in” didn’t work.

Here’s the other thing that I find a little odd: the drink says, in its explanation of what goji is, that it’s “been used for 4,000 years to support positive moods, healthy aging, eye health, healthy energy levels, liver and kidney health, and more.” The website says it has “been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 3,000 years to help support such things as a healthy immune function, healthy moods (known as the “Happy Berry”), libido, energy levels, resistance to fatigue and is most commonly known as an anti-aging “super” food.” That’s a bit of an odd difference in years, although technically correct: 4000 is over 3000.

[ad#longpost]But all kidding aside, I would expect to see some basis for these claims besides that it’s been used for something for four millennia. How many things were thought of as one thing for millennia only to be disproven? Don’t get me wrong: this could all be accurate and it’s the best thing since aspirin. Or aspirin is the best thing since goji–since if that were the case, I think goji would have seniority. But the fact that there’s a two week festival in China in celebration of goji isn’t a reason for me to think it’s a healthy thing any more than I should be impressed that South Pittsburg, Tennessee has a cornbread festival and has for as long as I can remember.

So the bottom line is it’s a tasty fruit drunk and that’s about it. The flavor’s unique if you’re bored of, say, orange juice or even the current go-to juices, pomegranate and acai. But if you want energy, drink coffee. If you want to be in a better, healthier mood then watch a Mel Brooks film. And if you honestly seriously need help with your libido, then see your doctor.