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The First Rule of Bollywood Fight Club is…Dance! Dance! Dance!

There’s just something about Bollywood films. Is it the fact that they’re all musicals? Is it the fact that they’re all at least three hours long? Is it the fact that they involve a love triangle, have a couple of bumbling comic relief types, and have at least one fight? And regardless of all that, it’s something I enjoy watching. As long as you know what you’re getting going in, you can just go with it.

“Suddenly they’re dancing on a train? Now they’re in a lake? Where did all these people come from? Why does everyone sound the same no matter who’s singing? Wait, now they’re on a beach?” Just go with it. The men are all handsome, the women are amazing, and no one ever kisses. They’ll do everything but kiss, but by God, they won’t kiss.

Anyway, into this mix comes…Fight Club. This has the potential to be the best Bollywood translation since their take on Superman.

Found at Twitch by way of Screenhead.