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Robot Phil K. Dick Currently Driving Away While a Really Bad Voiceover Plays…

Roy Batty from Blade Runner

We could have a situation here. An “android portrait” of Philip K. Dick is currently missing.

The irony of the situation – a missing replica of the very author who championed “replicant” freedom – is not lost on Phil’s creators. But they still want him back. “We really need to find him soon because the Smithsonian wants to put him in a travelling collection in the autumn,” said [Steve Prilliman of Dallas-based Hanson Robotics].

See the full article here.

Boing Boing points out that this could either be a stunt by the company or by fans of the author, since, as you might well be aware, the movie Blade Runner was based on Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. Engadget’s write-up is fairly amusing as well.

Update: Scott just said something reminded me of a story we had covered previously on Red Nose Net, where a Dalek had been taken captive. Those clever whackos at least had the good taste to leave an in-character “ransom note.” If this was perpetrated by fans and they didn’t leave an origami unicorn behind at the scene of the crime, then they lose major points.