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No More Questions.

Natalie Portman raps

After watching this, I, like every other man in the world, am speechless. And I am also, like every other man in the world, oddly aroused.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Update: NBC, morons that they are, have apparently had YouTube pull the video. This is a good thing: Christ knows we don’t want people actually finding out that SNL might have something worth watching. Good job, NBC! Hide that light under a bushel, you dumbshits!

If anybody knows of an active link for the video, let me know and I’ll update this further.

More Update: It’s back inexplicably. Guess I scared the shit out of NBC. Yeah. That’s how we roll.

More Update: Re-uploaded and back up again. I could keep this up all day.

More Update: Down again. The Natalie Portman Rap doesn’t appear to be on Google Video or YouTube for the time being. Somebody update me, I’ll update this.

Even More Update: It appears to be on YouTube via Hulu. Which means it’s fairly blessed. So.[ad#shortpost]


  • Good for her!
    It took the hustle and Flow actor a while to learn how to rap. I wonder if this is not dubbed how long it took her to get attitude. Good job if she it is all her.

  • It’s a great riff on the original Easy E track, as well, which displays quite a bit of old-skool hip-hop credibility from the skit’s creators.