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This Just In: Stealth Predator and Dracula From McFarlane

12 inch Stealth Scar Predator

Well, we talked about this first item’s more visible cousin before. But as cool as having a foot-tall Predator figure is, it’s even cooler to have a foot-tall Predator in full-on cloaked mode. Not only is the Pred cloaked, but all his gear is cloaked. So the shoulder cannon, the helmet, the spear/javelin/whatchamodoogie–they’re all in the same semi-clear plastic. Now I want to see somebody hack this thing so it projects the triangle of three red dots. That would be truly bad ass. And this Aliens vs. Predator release is par for the course, since McFarlane can take films that nobody’s excited about and at least make them tolerable just for the sheer goodness of tie-in products. Because this truly rocks.

While we’re on the subject of subpar films spawning sweet action figures, dig this: a two-pack of our buddy Vlad getting wolfed and…um, batted out from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Now, be warned, when it comes to action figures these, like some of McFarlane’s output, are almost action statues than anything else–articulation factor is low. But I’m not sure who would want to do anything but plonk these down on a shelf and let them stay there. They wouldn’t get along with my Muppets figures, for example. They each come with a base and the wolfman version has a plant as well–no doubt some spooked villager is meant to chuck it at his head.

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