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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 2: The Boogie Man Will Get You!

Boogie Man Will Get You with Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre

No, I’m not kidding. That is an actual movie and not only is Boris Karloff in it but Peter Lorre is as well. But more on that in a moment. It’s the time of year for turning pumpkins into decoration and pies. So don’t start your own project without watching this informative video from a world-renowned expert.

Next, we have a documentary from 2002: Masters of Horror. Its completely cheeseball and over the top but…when you need quality cheeseball/over the top, there’s only one man you can call upon: Bruce Campbell. And The Bruce can make anything worth watching. Seriously.

Last but not least, we come to our feature presentation: from 1942, yes, it’s The Boogie Man Will Get You. It’s directed by Lew Landers who has a huge filmography (which includes The Return of the Vampire, Inner Sanctum and scads of others. We’re in mad scientist territory again, with Karloff working in the lab in the basement of an old inn, trying to create superhuman to assist the fight in World War II. Peter Lorre is the local lawman. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a horror-comedy so set your expectations accordingly. And away we go!