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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 1: Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Halloween Eyes

Holy crap, we’ve done so many of these we’ve actually run out of the regular Friday the 13th films to grab titles from. So I guess that makes this…32 Days of Halloween vs. Jason. Halloween is just like honey badger, it takes your September 30th because October is not big enough to contain this madness. We kick off with some Oingo Boingo, which I honestly had forgotten was tied to the Rodney Dangerfield film Back to School.

So we need to pause for a word from our sponsor.

Next…well, eventually we are going to run out of films at some point…they’re not making them fast enough for them to get old enough for us to be able to link out to them. But for now, let’s go to 1956 and The Gamma People. What happens when you find yourself in an Eastern Bloc dictatorship and find a mad scientist using gamma rays to turn the youth of the country into evil henchmen? What do you think?

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