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Aquaman Trailer: Well, At Least They Get Points for Naming a Boat “Quint”

You know, as bad an idea as a Smallvillized Aquaman show sounds (and as much as the setup they have here reminds me of Fathom, except with a male lead), any story can work if you give it to a decent writer. Was anybody excited about an Animal Man comic book series until a pre-God complex Grant Morrison got going on it?

So maybe the concern is not that there would be an Aquaman series, but we know we couldn’t trust these folks to give us one anyone would give a shit about.

How the hell did they get Ving Rhames on board this, anyway?

Update: Taken down and of course put right back up again. You guys need to alert me when these links die so I can fix them. Enjoy. Dear WB or whoever you’re calling yourself these days. People obviously want to see this trailer. Leave it the hell alone and let them watch it for God’s sake. Your little viral “we’re taking it down to make you want it more” bullshit is cute, but meaningless.

Second Update: Now you can find it here. I recommend reducing the size to normal if it’s not already. But seriously, folks, I know you’re coming to this page, I can see you doing it. Post a comment if the link goes bad and I’ll find another one. Otherwise you just show up and ehh, dead link.

Third Update: Up again.

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