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This Just In: Michael J. Nelson and Legend Films’ Little Shop of Horrors DVD

Okay, let’s get one thing straight up front. Normally, the colorization of black and white films is considered profane and satanic in nature around here. It ranks up there with watching widescreen films in pan and scan. It’s. Simply. Not. Done.

Which is why we want to go in back and flagellate ourselves for being intrigued every time Legend Films releases a new edition of a classic film. You see, Legend colorizes films. But we can’t go smite them because, well, if you look at the colorized film it just…looks…really good, damn them. I mean, seriously, go to their website and watch some trailers for their stuff. It’s maddeningly…good looking. And they’ve done it again with the Roger Corman-helmed 1960 version of Little Shop of Horrors. Yes, the one with the murderous plant. No, not the version with singing.

Just when we think we’ve mustered up enough bile to go to town on these folks, they have the original (and restored) black and white version on here as well, and it comes with commentary by MST3K lead human Michael J. Nelson–who’s signed the version available from the Legend website. There’s also a short gallery of “killer” plants and a short film about “Man Eating Plants,” but basically you’re snagging this if you’re a fan of Nelson or the film itself.

It’s only available from the Legend Films website at present (the only way to get the autographed edition), so check that out here. You may have won this round, Legend, but we’ll still be keeping an eye on you. So there.


  • Screw principle, I thought that the color made this movie infinitely more watchable. It’s set in a damn flower shop, which just looks infinitely better when you can see the colors. Mike’s commentaries are also a home run bonus feature, I can’t believe it took people so long to get him doing this again.

  • I love this review! Very funny. I love this movie too and love love Mike’s commentary. A+. What’s next

  • I love Legend Films’ releases. They do a good job with the colorization and restoration of some of my favorite films, and make their cult film releases all the more worthwhile by including an audio commentary track by Mike Nelson. They also did a great job on their “Three Stooges in Color” disc (featuring intros by the entire cast of MST3K), and on Abbott & Costello’s “Africa Screams.” Truly cool stuff. I used to hate colorization before these guys came along, but now I think this stuff is pretty neat (as long as the work they colorize wasn’t shot in black & white for artistic merit – I don’t want no paint slapped on “Citizen Kane”!)