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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Hey Mahatma

Mahatma, the terrifying bird with teeth

Each week we like to kick things off with something truly WTF-worthy. We figure if your week starts off on such a strange note, then surely it can only get better and more sane from there.

EditorMikeC pointed out this clip after viewing last week’s selection. And there’s no doubt that this is a disturbing piece of work from Sesame Street.

Granted, the very first episode of Sesame Street, uncut, is nothing to sneeze at on the whole, and the infamous Cow Song is disturbing just from the standpoint of what it does to your brain while watching it. But this is truly screwed up–a close peer to another bit of whacked out claymation we’ve featured before.

I think the lesson here is obvious: never take food from a strange hill.

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  • wow!!! remembered EVERY word!!! for some reason this sticks in my memory. I am 44m and have looked for this on you tube for a long time!!! yes WTF?? but awesome!!