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Win Holy Grail in America on DVD!

Holy Grail in America DVD

No, it’s not a documentary regarding the Spamalot musical touring the countryside or anything else Python-related. Instead, it’s…well, here’s what they have to say for themselves:

In 1898, a Minnesota farmer clearing trees from his field uproots a large stone covered with mysterious runes. Now known as the Kensington Rune Stone, it details a journey of land acquisition and murder – in the year 1362. Thought by some to be a hoax, new evidence suggests it could be real, and a clue that the Knights Templar discovered America 100 years before Columbus, perhaps bringing with them history’s greatest treasure…The Holy Grail. History tells us the Templar were massacred on Friday the 13th, but that a Templar fleet allegedly containing treasure was last seen off Scotland in the late 1300s. Stones with similar markings as the Rune stone match Templar ruins all over Europe and have been found on islands across the Atlantic Ocean, as well as in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. So, is it possible the Templar were leaving clues to an incredible journey to the New World?

It’s out from The History Channel and we’ve got a copy of it to give away. Want to win it? Here’s how…enter using the form below. Enter once a day as well. If we dig out your entry from under a tree when the contest ends, so to speak, you win. Good luck.

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