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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 13: The Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree

Day 13 has traditionally been reserved for that special sort of animal: the television special. We’ve had everything from the easy compilation show (“DTV’s Monster Hits”) to the sublimely ridiculous (“The Night That Dracula Saved the World”). But here we have something special.

This is The Halloween Tree, adapted by Uncle Ray Bradbury from his novel of the same name. What I find fascinating is Wikipedia (which is always right) states the novel began life as an unproduced screenplay that was meant for Chuck Jones. (How awesome would that have been to see happen?) Instead, it was a novel in 1972 and then became this animated TV movie in 1992. Bradbury himself narrates, which adds to the awesome brought to the table by the voice of Leonard Nimoy as Moundshroud. Excellent stuff:


Oddly, this movie is not in print on DVD. However, the paperback is available here.

Previously on Day 13, another for-kids film was Frankenweenie and Year One before we decided on a theme we had the Day of the Dead trailer in Japanese.


  • Bradbury happens to be my favourite novelist, but I don’t remember seeing this back in its day, so as usual, thanks very much! Ah, n I guess Someting Wicked This Way Comes is worth a visit one of these days too.