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32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 13: Monster Hits

Jeffrey Jones as the Magic Mirror

Day 13 is about Halloween television specials. And this year, here’s a bit of a weird treat: the year is 1987. DTV was the Disney Channel’s answer to MTV, featuring music videos comprised of footage from the studio’s vast archive of material coupled with popular music.

This was their Halloween special, which featured Jeffrey Jones as the Magic Mirror, with vocal work including that of June Foray and Maurice LaMarche. It’s basically what you would expect: popular music with a Halloween bent along with appropriate Disney clips. It’s worthwhile just to see the array of stuff they coupled with ELO’s “Evil Woman,” in my opinion.

Last year it was Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. Before that we had The Night That Dracula Saved the World. And before we landed on this theme, it was the Japanese version of the Day of the Dead trailer.

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