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Sesame Street Videos Online

Sesame Street Videos

For those of us who think that the modern Elmocentric incarnation of Sesame Street is severely lacking when compared to the halcyon days of our youth (back in the late 19th century), there used to be few choices. At first, there was only the coveted 6-hour videos that your parents recorded to entertain you when the show wasn’t actually playing. Then there was the odd VHS release. Then there was Noggin, showing classic episodes. Then YouTube. Then, gratefully, DVD releases of classic shows–Volume 1 and Volume 2 are available now.
[ad#longpost]And now, finally, Sesame Workshop is getting in on the action with a videos section. They have a bunch of classic bits posted with more to come. Our resident Sesameologist, Cosette, has given it the seal of approval. And by sending it over to her, I have totally destroyed her productivity for at least the next couple of hours. So. You can find the goodness here.

One thing, though, Sesame Workshop: can we get them embeddable, please? It’s not like I don’t plug your DVDs or anything. You wouldn’t lose money. Honest. I would plug your DVDs. Come on.

Found via Classic Sesame Street Fan Club.

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