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Paintball: Because Anything Worth Doing is Worth Overdoing

This is what would happen if Siege played paintball. Or, considering it has already happened…Siege must be playing paintball. I played paintball once. It was comical. One round, because my team self-destructed around me (including one guy who threw a paint grenade up and had it explode over his head), I was reduced to fending off the enemy with an empty rifle that looked like it was still firing. The next round I got shot between the eyes. Fun.

I should have had this. The Defender. They claim it fires eighty rounds per second. Now we’ve left the realm of paintball and entered the realm of painting a house. The picture there doesn’t do it justice, so you should go check it out for yourself.

Found via Digg.

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  • Ol’ bloke still makes a pretty broad target. And let’s see him duck or dive.