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Behold: The T-Shirt Republic of Oddica

Darth Vader Ping Pong T-shirt by Oddica

Who are the maniacs of Oddica? Do we really need another t-shirt creator/seller? The answer to these questions are “Yes” and “Yes,” in that order.

From what we can tell, these are some t-shirt veterans who have decided to strike out on their own and become t-shirt vigilantes, creating a new business model and a new website from which to seek world domination. Apparently these folks dig the artists they work with, too–how can we tell? The artists make 41% of the net profits off the deal. Check that out here.

And while they’re just getting started–they’re big for just a few weeks old–they have some cool limited edition designs in limited quantities. Like the Vader ping pong game you see there. They just need more shirts in black! But…so does everyone. We’ll have some more to say about these guys, rest assured.

Update: The Oddica crew has set me straight. They aren’t Limited Edition, as in we have X amount and they’ll be gone forever. They are in limited quantities. They’ll reprint based on whether or not there’s sufficient demand, and the artist gets $500 for the reprint. Not too shabby. And literacy is your friend.

Further Update: The Oddica crew is apparently no more. Sad, really. We dug their stuff.


  • I have been trying to stay away from wearing Advertising clothes.
    But after seeing this sight (Espcially the Vader playing ping-pong) I might re-think my ideology. Being an artist myself 41% is better than what galleries give artists.

    So support the arts and buy a tshirt