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Horror on DVD Headsup

Deer Woman DVD

Deer Woman. You’ve got to love John Landis. Not only can the man direct comedy, but he has a love of the horror genre that’s downright scary. If you’ve never seen the glee on his face as he discusses, for example, watching Night of the Living Dead for the first time, you simply must. It’s classic. Here, Brian Benben plays a cop on the trail (literally) of a woman that might be a murderer and might be something more (or less) than human. Like all the other Anchor Bay Masters of Horror releases, you get a slew of bonus bits: commentary track from members of the cast, an interview with Landis, a slew of other interviews and more. (Buy it)

The Hills Have Eyes: Unrated. You know the story, I’m sure. Family takes a wrong turn and runs into shitloads of trouble. And if you like your horror/slasher/cannibal/mutant rampage films with a little bit of extra icing…here ya go. Fox is throwing this unrated version of the film at you with just a scad more of the old ultraviolence. This new unleaded edition comes with a commentary by the director/screenwriter and art director/screenwriter, plus a second commentary by the producers (one of which was Wes Craven). There’s also a docu and more. (Buy it)

Naina. What happens when Bollywood takes on Japanese horror and remakes The Eye? You get the titular protagonist, Naina, blind for twenty years, who gets a corneal transplant. Anytime you get a transplant in a horror movie–that’s a really bad idea. She, naturally, starts seeing all manner of dead things and visions and whatnot, and this leads her to question…well, everything anyway. Wouldn’t you? Pretty much a straight-on remake, it’s available from Allumination. (Buy it)

The Omen. Did the recent remake not crank your tractor? Fox is here to help you out with this very sweet two-disc collector’s edition. I mean, how can you replace Gregory Freaking Peck, huh? Answer: you can’t. You know the plot behind this one: couple finds out their son may just be the Anti-Christ. I think in the remake they just wanted to put him on Ritalin. Anyway, whatever–here’s what you can expect in this release: two commentaries, both with director Richard Donner, featurettes, an interview with the composer Jerry Goldsmith, a deleted scene and more. (Buy it)

Sick Girl. True love has all manner of obstacles that can get thrown in the way of it. In some cases, what stands between two women is societal expectations, or perhaps a guy. Or perhaps a guy with a video camera. In this case, though, it’s a bug. Sound like Cronenberg decided to film a romance? Close. This Anchor Bay release is yet another Masters of Horror release, and just like the others in that line, it’s pretty chocked full of goodness: a commentary with the director, composer and some of the actors; featurettes; interviews and more. (Buy it)

The Uninvited. When a man begins to be haunted by two dead girls, he turns to a psychic narcoleptic woman who might be able to help him deal with all his ghosts–both the girls and the things from his past that refuse to lie down and stay still. This Korean horror film is a nice antidote for people who are tired of the cheapie remakes dominating the feature releases here in the States, and Panik House smacks out an incredible special edition here. There’s two audio commentaries, interviews, a behind the scenes featurette, an essay and more. (Buy it)