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Plush Toys Headsup: Python and Monsters From Toy Vault

Monty Python plush Black Knight

If you need some delightfully sick plush items to amuse and befuddle friends and relatives, then Toy Vault can hook you up. They recently sent us a box of goodness, so check these out.

First up, they have a long line of Monty Python toys. These are the people who brought you the stuffed Killer Rabbit, after all. This time around it’s the Black Knight. Just like the comeuppance he received in the Holy Grail, the joy with this toy is that you can just dismember him at will. He also comes with his sword so he can attempt to stop you, but of course it will (more than likely) come to naught. As with all toys associated with Python, the box the toy comes in is almost as much fun to read as the toy itself is to play with. The only trouble with that is people look at you weird when you have empty containers about your place.

Next up, let’s talk chibi. I don’t really get chibi, to be perfectly frank. All I know about it is that certain anime characters all of a sudden become tiny versions of themselves that are even more cartoony than they were before. I do understand Python, though. Well…as much as any of us do. So I can meet this next toy halfway: a plush chibi version of Tim the Enchanter, also from Holy Grail. He’s got the bushy eyebrows and beard, the slightly off-kilter horns, and a staff. It’s cute and I suppose a chibi anime plush version of John Cleese gets bonus points over and above the execution just for the sheer weirdness of the concept. Buy it from

Also this time around there’s a new flavor of Cthulhu. This time it’s Valentino Cthulhu, which is a bit odd as the Great Old One looks like he’s been out in the sun for a really damn long time, perhaps sunning himself on the shores of R’lyeh. Obviously the first thing “Valentino” brings to mind is Rudolph, obviously, but that I would envision the great Cthulhu in a smoking jacket or something. Maybe they were going for a Valentine Cthulhu, but if that was the case, you’d think they’d have given our evil friend a big candy heart that says “Ia Ia Love You!” on it or something. Regardless. He’s Cthulhu. And he’s red. End of story. Buy it from

Last but not least, my favorite out of this latest update from Toy Vault: Spider Plush Slippers. What you see is pretty much what you get here–gigantic freaking spiders on your feet. The only thing to bear in mind with these–and of course we test-walked them…we’re thorough–is that…well, you can see it in the picture. Your feet go into the back of the spiders’ bodies and they stick way out in front of you…then there’s all those legs to contend with. So walking in them takes some getting used to, but the reaction of people when you go out to fetch the mail makes it all worthwhile. And yes, we know this from personal experience.

Check out the Toy Vault official site here.

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