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Podcast Review: AP Travel – Tips and Trends

Each of these travel podcasts from the Associated Press focuses upon one location and informs listeners about the character of the place, along with some incidental information about what to see and do there. It’s more travelogue than list of suggestions, which may be of little practical use to someone planning a trip, but will delight armchair travelers. The shows vary widely in length, from just shy of five minutes for Zakopane, Poland, to over twenty minutes for a “What’s New in Europe?” feature. Each show is narrated by a different AP reporter, but all are high quality and professionally produced. The sound quality, grammar, and general goodness quotient are all high, providing a brief snapshot into the life of a place in the world you may not have already known fascinated you.

Past shows have looked at such varied locations as Jamestown, VA, Tuscany, Northern Ireland, Venice, and Israel, and cover such travel activities as dogsledding, history tourism, bungee jumping, and, of course, eating. AP Travel–Tips and Trends shows that education can be both interesting and fun.

You can find the podcast here.