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Hugh Laurie’s “Mystery”: Not the Only Problem That I Can See…

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie is a genius. What more can we say?

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Pointed out by Bob the Zombie.

Update: Found out that the link was dead, but of course YouTube endures. Link fixed.

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  • HUGH LAURIE IS A FREAKIN’ GENIUS!!! i’m reading his book and it is very much like this song, witty, enjoyable, with a touch of (in)sincerity. and that he can sing AND plays multiple musical instruments is beyond sexy.

  • He is the coolest and hottest guy on the planet, but that’s what I personally think. His book is beyond imaginable. I mean good that’s just my way of expressing it. He is the best leading actor in House. If they picked someone else I probably would not have wathed it. So he is the best… Personally and humanly. He is my idol not in the bad way, but he is the one you inspired me to be a doctor. A good one