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Care Bears on Fire: I Bet You Think This Song is About You, Mom

Care Bear Galactus

The Phoenix points us to this very amusing article in New York Magazine, regarding the punk band Care Bears on Fire. The catch? The oldest member is eleven. “See? Eleven. Right across the board.” The other catch is they’re doing this under their parents’ coaching and with their parents’ permission. What’s hilarious is when, as the article relates, what rebelliousness and punk ethic there is rears its head. Like the mother’s reaction when she finds out the song “Watchdog” is about her. Priceless.

I would love to hear some of their music. The name alone earns them points with me. Reminds me of a sketch I saw at San Diego one year, where Alex Ross had drawn a parody of his famous Marvels cover–except instead of the Human Torch it was Winnie the Pooh, on fire, screaming and falling out of the sky. Genius.

Image taken from ITM Leisure.


  • Dudes… If you don’t like this band, you have no taste in music…
    That’s because they…. RULE! RWK ON! d-(^_^d-)