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Giger’s Alien in a Tuxedo: Sweetie, Your Date’s Here!

Giger Alien in a Tuxedo

As we approach Halloween, there’s nothing more cool and yet demoralizing and yet cool as a guy who’s made a costume so badass that it makes you just want to wear all white, paint your face white, put baby powder in your hair and call yourself a piece of chalk just to get it over with–because you know you can’t hang.

That is the case with this costume: it’s H.R. Giger’s Alien…in a tux. It’s not only brilliant, it’s a perfect example of how limitations breed genius:

Since the beginning, I knew I couldn’t use professionnal [sic] techniques (a complete latex foam suit), and I knew all the moving parts were going to be a problem, as I wanted to use wood mache and hard materials. So I decided not to do the arms and legs, and to go to the Ball with a tuxedo hiding those lacks…

So instead of being an Alien–which I’ve seen multiple times at Halloween to various degrees of success–you made your Alien memorable by putting him in a tuxedo. A predator looking killer in his formal wear. Sir, you rock. Kids, take the lesson.

Found via Neatorama.