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Haunted Mansion Northside

Hatbox Ghost from Haunted Mansion-Northside

Boing Boing linked up the Haunted Mansion-Northside blog because Cory was drooling all over the pics of how the creator turned his office into the ultimate Haunted Mansion fan’s dream workplace. And rightly so: it’s really frighteningly good. No pun intended.

Jamie, the creator, says “Now…people either say it is the coolest thing they’ve ever seen or I need professional help.” Dude: both. Seriously: both.

But that’s just the tip of the coolness iceberg (again, no pun intended). This guy Jamie, an animator, also helps put sunken ships in people’s yards, sculpted his own bat in a birdcage, and created a haunted mine tunnel. Incredibly badass.


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