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Weekend Justice for 9/15: Cover Art is Served

Here’s what we covered in our 9/15 Weekend Justice.

Book of the Week: World War Z by Max Brooks. (Crown)

Comedy Book of the Week: The Affected Provincial’s Companion, Vol. 1 by Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy. (Bloomsbury)

Graphic Novel of the Week: Rotting in Dirtville by James Callahan. (Gigantic)

Magazine of the Week: Alter Ego #61. (TwoMorrows)

Adverse Video of the Week: Mutation (Razor Digital)

Animation DVD of the Week: Pinky and the Brain, Vol. 1 (Warner Brothers)

Comedy DVD of the Week: Blackballed (Shout Factory)

Music DVD of the Week: Bluegrass Country Soul (Time Life)

TV DVD of the Week: Amazing Stories: The Complete First Season (Universal)