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Podcast Review: Weekend America

Weekend America is a two-hour public radio program, geared toward weekend relaxation, with discussion of issues of the week, the arts, and public affairs. They sample bits of music and content from all over the country, while hopefully reflecting the preferences and character of the locale native to the show’s production areas; the Weekend America show heard in one area will therefore not be exactly like the show from another area. The syndicated audio show is from the LA version. Part of the show features some new music that reflects something going on in the American movie scene and is quite interesting, especially to those of us who may not know nearly as much as we would like to know about contemporary music.

Past shows have featured music from jazz fusion, pop, indie, and classical musicians, as well as the new jam-session album by Frank Black of the Pixies. Quite a variety. As with most podcasts, you can sample them on, iTunes, and on the show’s website. Weekend America is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Minnesota Public Radio, so you know it’s a quality production.