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ic!Berlin Says Choose: Protect Yourself From Dayball or Eat Sushi

Sushi sunglasses

And from the “Wait, What?” Department, comes this word from Slashfood: the company ic!Berlin has created sunglasses that you can remove the arms from and use them as chopsticks.

I don’t know about you, but I have to gel my hair in order to keep it from coming alive and trying to kill cute furry animals. I have no desire to season a crab stick or a California roll with gel. And, really, have you seen the kind of crud that can collect behind your ears? And yes, I’m speaking to you specifically.

Is there a universe where this makes sense at all?

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  • Yes Widge, there is.

    In Universe 188-bbk-2c there is a dream prison built of stacked sushi, and prisoners are only allowed to bring one item with them upon their confinement; moreover, the law in that place states that if you can escape, you are free.

    Imagine being able to bring these sunglasses there! Hah!

    Beyond that rather specific case there isn’t really much use, though, no.