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Katy Towell Speaks Truth: Childrin R Skary

Katy Towell: Childrin R Skary

Most people take comfort in the popular myth that children are innocent little angels that are all sweetness and light. Of course, we know the truth. That children are truly dark diminutive bundles of rage, viciousness, and deceit. We should know. We were those children. Some of the people on staff, at least mentally, still are.

Katy Towell understands what childhood is really about. We’ve featured her work before, but her web site Childrin R Skary is chock full of artwork and flash cartoons featuring tiny tykes being evil. We respect anyone who can mix zombies and flamenco.



  • Hi, i´m from mexico and i admire the katy’s animation and work but i don´t think that children dark diminutive bundles of rage and stuff like that, i think that children has a lot to teach us because somebody told me that the kids are the only ones that could see and talk with dead people and they are the most innocent creature in the word ande if they are like that is because we create monsters