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Michael Jeter Dances His Ass Off in Grand Hotel

Michael Jeter

This was posted by Mark Evanier a while back, and I saved it to come back to because I ran across it during one of YouTube’s maintenance blackouts. As always, Evanier provides excellent background on the clip. I remember watching this when it aired back in 1990 on the Tonys and if I remember correctly, right after this number, Michael Jeter won the Tony. I remember him when they did the “camera on the nominees” thing and he was standing backstage, sweaty and smiling from kicking ass on stage mere moments before.

Jeter was probably first seen by most readers of this site as the wonderful cabaret singer who performs “Everything’s Coming Up Videos” on top of a desk in heels in The Fisher King. He left all of us in 2003 and is sorely missed.

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