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Grab a Condom: OMG need condo ASAP KWIM TIA

Lacking the testicular fortitude necessary to march into a shop and purchase some condoms? Never fear. Well, if you’re in the UK, never fear anyway. The folks at are here to right to the rescue, so MobileCrunch tells us.

Two problems with this: first, if you’re overcome with blushing fits by buying a pack of condos, you’re probably not ready to be having sex. Second, if you are that young, do you even think far enough ahead to realize, “Hey, I need to text message me up some condos!” Although if this service had Condom Delivery Ninjas standing by to have them to you in five minutes or less, that would be awesome. You walk out on the balcony of the hotel room for a quick breath of fresh air, find a baggie containing three condos tacked to the wall via a shuriken, and look across the way to see a dark ghost giving you a thumbsup. Then it’s gone in a wisp of smoke.

That would be service right there.

Found via Digg.