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Wayhomer Review #143: Oz the Great and Powerful 3D

James Franco as Oz the Great and Powerful

Episode #143 for Oz the Great and Powerful 3D, in which our protagonist is afraid of dip and doesn’t know why, marvels at the hoop jumping that must have gone on to get this separated from 1939 film, and thinks James Franco improves most anything.

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  • Nothing thudded for me in this movie, only yawns. And Mila Kunis is terrible! Not witchy terrible, but bad acting terrible. Kunis would need an actual magic potion to summons up what she needed to give this character. She just doesn’t get that she’s becoming THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST! It feels as if Seth MacFarlane wrote a scene of Family Guy where Meg’s supposed to play The Wicked Witch. I could picture Peter Griffin jumping into the frame at any moment to say your awful Meg get off the stage.