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Toy Story 3 Will Bring Pixar Trilogy to Tragic End

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, totally blinged out

Plot points for Pixar‘s upcoming Toy Story 3 have finally come to light. Although previous rumors have stated that the script would involve our heroes, Buzz and Woody, finally going to the equivalent of a toy paradise, recent script drafts have revealed that post-Disney deal the story is taking a decidedly different turn.

“We’re all huge fans of Godfather 3 here at Pixar,” a spokesperson said. “So just as that trilogy showed the unraveling of an empire, our third film will show what happens when the toys become bloated with their own Hollywood success and overconsume.”

Indeed, models for the new Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head shows them “blinged to the max,” as one notation put it. Rumors indicate that a new Goth version of Jessie will make her debut as well. “The kids who grew up on Toy Story have done just that–grown up. It’s time for our characters to grow up as well,” the Pixar spokesperson said. He then poured a bowl of prototype Goth Jessie-themed cereal. “It’s in the shape of ankhs. And it turns the milk black,” he explained. Then he simply said, “Cool.”

Original story found via Neatorama and changed… just a little.


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  • Yeah, Toy Story Requiem is sheer unadulterated genius, but it’s sick and it’s wrong and I was trying so hard not to slam into it with this one. Because it makes my skin crawl to think about it. :)