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The PS3 Grill: When Gaming Meets Beastflesh, Everyone Wins

PS3 Grill

After it was revealed that the PS3 and the George Foreman Grill were separated at birth, one group of people decided to make a functional PS3 grill. And, well, they apparently succeeded.

On one hand, we’re stunned at wasting that much coin in order to make a joke grill. On the other hand, we like our steaks medium well, thanks. And we brought our own plates and silverware.

Found via MAKE Blog.


  • Medium well? Medium Well!?

    Jesus, why eat the thing at all if you’re going to fry all the taste out of it?!

  • It’s been my experience that most people can’t hit medium rare to medium, which is how I actually like mine. However, if I say “medium well,” they actually hit closer to medium rare. Don’t ask me why, that just seems to work best. :)