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Condoms in a Can: Technological Boon or Asking For Trouble?

Spray-on condom

Well, this idea looks good on paper: spray-on condoms. Sure, it makes sense–let’s say you’re in need of an instant raincoat for your John Thomas, you just whip out (sorry) this aerosol can and take care of it.

Still, one needs to be careful. Don’t be so sleepy in the mornings that your roommate can trade this out with your spray deodorant for a vicious gag. Or ladies: let’s say you’ve got it in your purse as a backup for Prince Charming, right? Could be mistaken for hairspray.

Don’t look at me like that. You’re going to read online about this very thing happening in a few months, and I’m just trying to keep the focus of that funny article from being you. You’re welcome.

Found via Neatorama.