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Hardee’s: Whattaya Want For $2.49? A Monster Biscuit?

Hardees: Monster Biscuit

Because we believe that nothing exceeds like excess, we bring to your attention the fact that Hardee’s has spawned a new massive breakfast offering: the Monster Biscuit.

“We found that a big part of the success of our Monster Thickburger a few years ago was the basic combination of meat and cheese…and more meat and more cheese,” said Brad Haley, Hardee’s executive vice president of marketing.

That’s right…because the best condiment when it comes to beastflesh…is more beastflesh. I’m sure people will be in an uproar about this and try to pressure Hardee’s into getting rid of it for your protection (since you’re too dumb to pick your own food) so enjoy it while you can.