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Podcast Review: Animal Voices

If you’re at all interested in your own health, animal rights, or veganism, then the Animal Voices podcast by Lauren Corman and Rob Moore. The podcast is actually the audio of a radio show from Toronto and betrays the high production values you would expect from a professionally-designed and researched program. Moore and Corman talk about the nuts and bolts of living a compassionate life, without resorting to the terribly ineffective and offensive shock-tactics all too often used by certain elements within any activist movement, throughout the political spectrum. Past episodes have included interviews with authors and politicians, discussions of recipes, parenting issues, eco-tourism, and even the Iditarod.

Basically, if you’re interested in animals, even if you don’t call yourself an “animal-rights activist,” then please check this podcast out. It’s a great source of information and inspiration for the Animal Planet fans among us. Programs can be found via iTunes, several other podcast distribution centers, or from the Animal Voices website.