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Ritual Sacrifice of Co-Workers: Keep the Damned Fire Going

Steve at DIY Planner has been busy. Here’s what he has to say for himself:

…this spirit of unadulterated self-interest is what you want to go for when sacrificing your co-workers. This is not as crazy as it sounds. Many companies use punitive measures to ensure hard work and loyalty from their employees, but human sacrifice goes far beyond a simple firing or unpaid leave. If everybody knows that the worst employees get killed, well, people will want to do a good job, won’t they?

Read the whole thing. Dindrane would have posted this herself but she’s already applying these techniques down the accounts receivable division here at SDI HQ.

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  • Forget sacrificing your co-workers. I would rather seen customers have to make a desparate decision.

    Our rush order payment is for you to give us one of your loved ones to sacrifice. Thisis to appease the rush order gods. Please no elderly sacrifices.