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Iron Man & Nova Clash Over The Initiative In Nova #2

After the cataclysmic conclusion to Annihilation, Nova is the last member of the Nova Corps, sworn to protect the universe as a one man army. With the launch of Nova, fans and critics alike have thrilled to this sole survivor’s adventures under the watch of writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and artist Sean Chen. In May’s Nova #2, tying into the Initiative storyline permeating many major Marvel titles, the titular hero will find his return to Earth quite shocking, as he’s confronted with the after effects of Civil War and accosted by Iron Man himself! But first Nova has to meet with his former New Warriors teammates, Justice and Penance (formerly Speeball), who played a large part in the start of Civil War itself.

What do the critics have to say? “Abnett and Lanning deliver a solid script with some witty moments,” said Kelvin Green of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com.

Comixtreme’s Blake Petit said, “Abnett and Lanning do sci-fi superheroes extremely well, and they’re a great fit for this character.”

“The whole issue was a fantastic read,” said Lucas of Newsarama.Com. “I cannot wait until the next issue.”

With ties to Civil War and Annihilation, Nova promises to bring big action and big events each issue, as the Marvel universe adjusts to fallout from both events, while also tying into the fan favorite Initiative storyline. If you want cosmic, if you want epic, if you want surprise…then you want Nova!

NOVA #2 (MAR072105)
Penciled by SEAN CHEN
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC- 4/19/07, On Sale- 5/09/07

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