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Phillipe Starck’s TeddyBearBand: The Swiss Army Toy

Phillipe Starck: TeddyBearBand

Phillipe Starck gives an interesting explanation for this strange mutant plush beast (you have to dig to find it…look under “Goods”):

A surreal toy, TeddyBearBand stimulates the imagination, considerabily more than any mere plush bear. It removes love and friendship from the realm of disposable emotions.

Which is all well and good for a designer to say, but here’s what the disposable emotions are replaced with:

Kid: Mommy, Teddy can’t walk.

Mom: Why’s that, honey?

Kid: (bursts into tears) Because when he does he steps on Bunny!

You know it’s true. You know it, so don’t deny it. But that’s what happens when you give a kid something that looks like Anton Arcane was made CEO of Gund.

Found via CribCandy.