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Spider-Ganesh and Other Friendly Neighborhood WTFs


There have been a lot of unbelievable and strange Spider-Man appearances throughout the character’s history. And I Am Not Lying, For Real has posted a list of ten of the best and oddest.

Spider-Ganesh there is one of them. Of course that means that the Spider-Mobile is now a mouse. No, really. Look it up.

Of course, they left out this alternate reality where J. Michael Straczynski once wrote the character and made him do all kinds of terrible, un-Spidey-like things, like eating someone’s face, then later Spidey put on some hideous armor and then unmasked himself in front of God and country as though he were just begging for a sniper to gun down his poor Aunt May. Whew. Good thing that never actually happened, huh?

Found via Neatorama.